I'm a Muay Thai fighter, Kickboxer, and an instructor. Originally from Trinidad & Tobago, migrated to Canada currently living and training in Thailand. I've been an athlete my whole life - involved in a variety of competitive sports such as Track & Field, tennis, swimming, soccer, and cricket.


However, I found my true passion when I took my first martial arts class. In addition to being a great workout and a discipline, I've discovered that it was also a great venue for relieving stress and improving mood. I've trained in Capoeira, boxing, MMA and Muaythai. I first started Muaythai October 2012 at Toronto Kickboxing & Muaythai Academy (TKMT).


I'm continuously learning and improving, thus bettering myself as a person every day. My focus is to become a successful role model for women, by demonstrating that goal can be achieved through focus, hard work and having a strong support network.


My aspirations are to become a World Champion, and to remain a lifelong student of the martial arts. As of current, my competitive record includes the below titles:

• 2016 WMC King's Cup Tournament Champion
• 2016 WPMF Interim World Champion
• 2016 MTO Canadian Featherweight Muay Thai Champion
• 2015 WKF (World Kickboxing Federation) K1-Kickboxing Provincial Lightweight Tournament Champion
• 2015 MTC/TBA (Muay Thai Classic/Thai Boxing Authority) North American Welterweight Champion
• 2014 StriKing Ladies Bantamweight Champion
• 2014 WKA (World Kickboxing Association) Bantamweight Champion
• 2014 MTC/TBA (Muay Thai Classic/Thai Boxing Authority) North American Featherweight Champion